Pre/postnatal Treatment

As I write this I am holding my beautiful 3 week old son in my arms. I can honestly tell you that in my heart of hearts I believe I have a child because I went for acupuncture with Eileen and Geoff. My husband and I struggled to get pregnant for several years. I found Root and Branch because the infertility clinic we were going to suggested trying acupuncture. I began working with Eileen while continuing infertility treatments. She was phenomenal to work with – patient, kind, gentle and very knowledgeable about infertility treatments. Eileen was always willing to discuss my cycles and my emotional state of mind. After my last cycle of infertility Eileen suggested I see Geoff and consider taking herbs. I followed Eileen’s advice and actually alternated between Geoff and Eileen for acupuncture treatments. Geoff is also wonderful to work with as well. A few months later I found out I was pregnant! Not only do I feel that acupuncture assisted with my infertility I feel it assisted with my overall good health. I have never felt more mentally, emotionally and physically fit in my life as I do when I am undergoing acupuncture treatments. If you are considering acupuncture, my advice would be that you need to be open to it and willing to “think outside of the box”. I will admit, some of the things that Geoff suggested I eat or drink, where quite bizarre (herbs taste)-(sorry Geoff) – but did I mention that I am holding my beautiful 3 week old son in my arms?

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