Mood/Emotional Treatment

Geoff DePaula is one of the finest acupuncturist’s I have ever experienced. I have had treatments in England, Germany, and New Zealand as well as in the US.

Geoff’s treatments always left my family feeling significantly better. He was always able to clearly articulate treatment goals and help us do other things to get better, including effective Chinese herbal adjunct treatment.

Most notably, his ability to relate fully to his patients, his personal calm and wisdom were always an added gift of his treatment and not an insignificant part of the healing process.

I would recommend Geoff to anyone seeking help for persons of any age. Acupuncture is a treatment our family continues to use for maintenance of wellbeing or adjusting when we get off balance, but I always think- I wish I lived near Geoff DePaula and could continue to use his services.


I sought treatment for my anxiety and panic attacks because I wanted to get in control and get off Prozac because it was not working and giving me side effects. Geoff treated me with acupuncture and herbs & taught me how to relax I Now I am off my meds, happy and feel great! Thanks so much!!!!