Gynecology Treatment

“My name is Naomi Steckman and I am t twenty-three years old. From the time I was born I have had numerous GYN difficulties. All females in my family have had GYN diseases including PCOS ( Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome), Breast and Ovarian Cancer, and Endometriosis, as well as other related health issues such as diabetes. My mother was sick her entire life because of these problems and died when I was eight years old from Breast Cancer. From the age of puberty I was overweight and showing signs of Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Not only did I have irregular or sometimes absent periods, but when I would finally get a period, my pain was so intense that I would be bed-stricken, hospitalized and given all kinds of pain medication ranging from vicadin to percocets to even morphine. I have had five surgeries in attempt to correct the pain by removing the cysts, but each time there was an operation scar tissue would develop and therefore create more pain. In my final surgery the doctors had to remove scar tissue that was actually entangled on my left ovary creating even more pain then I had ever imagined. I was put on birth control pills to “regulate” my cycle but my body would get used the hormones after several years causing them to either have to operate again or change birth control and give me pain medication. By this time I was tired of my health getting in the way of my life. I was tired of always being sick and missing out in school, and fun activities while my peers were healthy and I was tired of feeling this way. Finally I came to Geoff. I saw Geoff for about four to five years. Immediately after seeing Geoff I began to feel better. Not only was I able to come off of all of my pain medication as well as my birth control, and get a regular period with almost no pain, but I lost 55 lb. as well! Geoff worked hard on teaching me not only skills to improve my physical health but my mental and emotional health as well. As one aspect of my life began to improve, others followed. Geoff DePaula changed my life! He gave me hope and the empowerment to take my health into my own hands!”


“We have been doing well and your meetings with us were incredibly helpful. For me, I had the one treatment of acupuncture with you, and after that my period has come back two consecutive months, which is great since it has been off-cycle for almost six months. Thanks for all your help and all you do. I look forward to connecting again in the future as you help guide us on the path to health!”


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