Energy/Immune Treatment

“I went to Root and Branch Oriental Medicine to have acupuncture
sessions to help me with my autoimmune disease and the effects
of the cocktail of nasty medicines I need to take to fight this disease.
Eileen and Geoff, the acupuncturists at Root and Branch, are brilliant
in every way. Before my first session, they thoroughly researched
my disease so they were familiar with every aspect of my symptoms,
pain, medical treatment and possible complications. They were prepared
with information regarding noninvasive ways to help my body recover
and to start to heal itself in conjunction with the medical treatment I
need to fight this disease. They are compassionate, caring, generous,
and intelligent professionals. Acupuncture takes time to have an
accumulative effect, but I notice marked improvement in my symptoms
every time I am there. It is important to find a great acupuncturist,
and Eileen and Geoff are the best. I highly recommend them! I wish
I could give them an A+ rating!”

Geoff and Eileen Power DePaula of Root and Branch make it clear from the beginning that the journey to improved health is a shared one. Their roles are instructive and supportive. The relationship is honest, direct and person-to-person – not just practitioner to client.

We strongly recommend Root and Branch for the skilled and effective services Eileen and Geoff provide.
-KK and BK

I began seeing Eileen for acupuncture treatments in the fall of 2005. I had experienced a succession of emotional and physical traumas and was suffering from depressive symptoms including a lack of energy, motivation, and intense grief. I started with Eileen because she was highly recommended. Also I had recently moved to the Boston area, and my current practitioner was too far away.

Eileen was (and probably still is) a godsend. She diagnosed my main complaints in a novel manner…novel as compared to other practitioners I had seen. While my previous practitioner gave me temporary relief for a few days, I could feel that Eileen was treating a deeper imbalance and I became progressively stronger. The difference could be felt after the first treatment.

Eileen’s manner is one of nurturing competence. Her ability to reach out and support a patient, while remaining personally grounded is itself therapeutic. Her practice of continued education is inspiring, and she encourages this in her patients if they so desire. She gave me references and materials to read on many occasions, actions which empowered me to take better care of myself.

Eileen has an expansive toolkit to draw from and her reputation is certainly deserved. I already have recommended her to multiple friends.

My Name is Lynda Holich and I was referred to Geoffrey DePaula at Root and Branch Oriental Medicine by The Mind Body Institute In Brookline, Ma. I was hopeful to become more balanced with my digestion and menstrual cycle which changed dramatically while participating in a 6 month long hike along the Appalachian Trail. I hadn’t tried acupuncture previously but was extremely open to healing naturally and peacefully. I received acupuncture once a week for approximately one year. I committed to this process because Geoffrey came highly recommended and I was ready to invest in my health and make significant improvements. I began feeling changes in my body immediately through acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs. Not only did my body heal but I learned an infinite amount of information about Chinese Medicine which has always intrigued me. Im a huge proponent of acupuncture and Chinese herbs and constantly recommend this treatment to friends, family members and clients who are stuck in their health. I also believe that healing takes time and it’s a natural, slow process.

When I first came to Root and Branch I was practicing Interior Design and still continue to consult with clients. I most recently graduated from a program which I received a certification in health counseling. I’m hopeful that my experience of acupuncture and learning about more holistic ways of eating will help future clients. I thank Geoffrey and Eileen for establishing a wonderful business and and have always appreciated their expertise, professionalism and passion for their careers.

Geoff DePaula is one of the finest acupuncturist’s I have ever experienced. I have had treatments in England, Germany, and New Zealand as well as in the US.

Geoff’s treatments always left my family feeling significantly better. He was always able to clearly articulate treatment goals and help us do other things to get better, including effective herbal adjunct treatment.

Most notably, his ability to relate fully to his patients, his personal calm and wisdom were always an added gift of his treatment and not an insignificant part of the healing process.

I would recommend Geoff to anyone seeking help for persons of any age. Acupuncture is a treatment our family continues to use for maintenance of wellbeing or adjusting when we get off balance, but I always think- I wish I lived near Geoff DePaula and could continue to use his services.

I visited Geoff DePaula in May after a fall which left my knee swollen and painful. I felt immediate relief after my first treatment. He also inserted press balls into my ears which were very useful in managing pain as my knee was healing. Geoff has been wonderful in identifying some other underlying health issues and has prescribed Chinese herbs which have had some amazing effects. I have really been helped by his holistic approach to healing and his insights and recommendations for complete mind body health.

I contacted Eileen and Geoff because I was dealing with stress-related symptoms such as high blood pressure, sleeplessness, exhaustion, weight, hot flashes and mood swings. After evaluating my medical history and examining me, Dr Geoff DePaula felt I was suffering from candidiasis, which is an imbalance of yeast in my system as a result of taking too many anti-biotics, birth control pills and prednisone to combat allergies. He suggested I read the “Body Ecology Diet” written by Donna Gates to help people with digestive problems, those who are overweight, have candidiasis, or who want to improve their immulogical system. Although I was reluctant to go on this diet as it seemed so restrictive, I decided I would give it a try.

My program began as follows: Dr. DePaula gave me weekly acupuncture treatments, prescribed Chinese herbs, educated me on the value of meditation and yoga/nidra, and suggested I do moxa treatments at home while simultaneously (and very importantly) changing what I eat. He also suggested I buy organic meat from a local farmer, and when ready, buy raw milk from a local dairy, which I will do when my system has healed somewhat.

The results have been amazing! Not only do I feel better, but I lost 15 lbs., have more energy, am sleeping better, have fewer mood swings, am meditating daily, and managing stress much more efficiently. My sugar cravings have decreased, which means I am much less likely to end up with diabetes and heart disease, which runs on both sides of my family. It has only been about six weeks since I started the treatments, but I began seeing results in the first or second week.

I am turning 50 years old this year, but am much more optimistic about slowing down the aging process, improving my relationships, and living a much happier lifestyle.

I would highly recommend Eileen and Geoff to anyone suffering from any kind of physical or emotional problem because they take a very comprehensive approach to their patients’ conditions. No other professional in the health care industry looks at the connection of physical and emotional ailments, nor do they have correlated solutions to heal current symptoms and prevent the onslaught of new diseases. When I first met with Dr. DePaula, I was on a sabbatical from a position in the high-tech field, which was often a highly stressful position. Although I was not able to retire from working forever, I am much more knowledgeable in areas of health, nutrition and relaxation so now that I am back to work, I feel much more in control of my life. I have since brought my children to some of the Root and Branch workshops / treatments. It has truly been a life-changing experience!