Pain Treatment Testimonials

“I’ve been suffering with heel pain (diagnosed as plantar fasciitis), due to running for 2 months now. I’ve been for sport massage therapy, tried orthodics in my sneakers, ice, motrin, and made a trip to the podiatrist. Nothing seemed to help, and by the end of the day, my entire right leg ached. However, after my last visit to you, I was 98% cured. It was amazing!! The simple technique of finding my pressure points, and massaging behind my knee with the aromatherapy cream you supplied, to relieve the spasm which was causing the heel pain did the trick. It’s been one week and the pain is still 98% gone. I continue to use the cream and feel certain it will continue to improve. Thank you so much….”



I visited Geoff DePaula in May after a fall which left my knee swollen and painful. I felt immediate relief after my first treatment. He also inserted press balls into my ears which were very useful in managing pain as my knee was healing. Geoff has been wonderful in identifying some other underlying health issues and has prescribed Chinese herbs which have had some amazing effects. I have really been helped by his holistic approach to healing and his insights and recommendations for complete mind body health.


Geoff and Eileen Power DePaula of Root and Branch make it clear from the beginning that the journey to improved health is a shared one. Their roles are instructive and supportive. The relationship is honest, direct and person-to-person – not just practitioner to client.

We strongly recommend Root and Branch for the skilled and effective services Eileen and Geoff provide.

-KK and BK

“I wanted to thank you so much for all your help with making me well before the baby is born. I feel so much better, my hands work (amazing) and my fibromyalgia pain has subsided (ahhh). I was really worried that I was not going to be well enough to take care of the baby. Thanks to you and your treatment I feel confident that I will be able to. I cannot thank you enough for getting me back to feeling like me again!!!

-Christy E.

“Hi Geoff! I just thought I’d leave you some positive feedback, and let you know that I feel MUCH better today! I am not going to qualify it with a number, but just the fact that I feel better is very good news for me. I feel more hopeful that I can feel better, so I really appreciate your help with that.
Thanks again for taking the time to provide excellent treatment!


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