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I had been working with Eileen for about 3 years for my quest to have a family. Considering the fact that I was “older” most reproductive doctors did not want to spend a lot of time with treatment for me.   In addition, I am not a proponent of the medications or invasive proceedures that are used by western medicine.

After my first conversation with Eileen I felt very optimistic. Although she was honest and straightforward with me, there we no unrealistic expectations set. Nevertheless, she gave me hope. Throughout our sessions, I was open to her suggestions and always kept a positive attitude. Eileen was easy to talk to and she had a keen sense of understanding with what was going on in my body as a whole.   Eileen’s knowledge, expertise and guidance proved to be on track.   I had my healthy son 2 months after my 49th birthday – naturally!

~LF.  age 49

Eileen is a miracle worker! I am no stranger to fertility treatments. I conceived my wonderful daughter after my second IVF. So when we decided to try for another child I was prepared for all the injections and all of the hormones but I wasn’t prepared for how long it would take. After 5 IVFs, an ectopic pregnancy with a tube removed, and 21 months of being a slave to the infertility schedule, I decide to go to acupuncture. My insurance was only going to cover two move IVF cycles and then our hope for another child would be over. You can image how we were feeling.

The minute I met Eileen I felt like I was in the hands of someone I could trust. I looked forward to our two sessions a week, not only because I knew that I would physically feel amazing after but I also knew that with just talking with Eileen, I would feel mentally relaxed. My sixth cycle I had 18 eggs removed and 7 of them were great quality (the round before I had 20 eggs and not one was good quality). I truly believe my egg quality was better because of Eileen. Two weeks later I found out that it WORKED and I was pregnant. Words can not express how grateful we our to Eileen. Anyone who is going through infertility should also see Eileen, she is the bringer of miracles!
Sue B. 30

As I write this I am holding my beautiful 3 week old son in my arms. I can honestly tell you that in my heart of hearts I believe I have a child because I went for acupuncture with Eileen and Geoff. My husband and I struggled to get pregnant for several years. I found Root and Branch because the infertility clinic we were going to suggested trying acupuncture. I began working with Eileen while continuing infertility treatments. She was phenomenal to work with – patient, kind, gentle and very knowledgeable about infertility treatments. Eileen was always willing to discuss my cycles and my emotional state of mind. After my last cycle of infertility Eileen suggested I see Geoff and consider taking herbs. I followed Eileen’s advice and actually alternated between Geoff and Eileen for acupuncture treatments. Geoff is also wonderful to work with as well. A few months later I found out I was pregnant! Not only do I feel that acupuncture assisted with my infertility I feel it assisted with my overall good health. I have never felt more mentally, emotionally and physically fit in my life as I do when I am undergoing acupuncture treatments. If you are considering acupuncture, my advice would be that you need to be open to it and willing to “think outside of the box”. I will admit, some of the things that Geoff suggested I eat or drink, where quite bizarre (sorry Geoff) – but did I mention that I am holding my beautiful 3 week old son in my arms?

I decided to try acupuncture after reading about its effectiveness in the treatment of infertility. I had never before had acupuncture done and naturally I had some questions and fears regarding the treatment. From my first contact I had with Eileen, I felt that she was someone I could trust. She patiently took time to answer all my questions and administered the first treatment in a very gentle way. It was a great experience and all my fears quickly disappeared. Within three months I became pregnant and although I do not longer require treatment for infertility, I still continue seeing Eileen to ease some discomfort caused by pregnancy.

What I like about Eileen is that she is very knowledgeable about her field and she is very much oriented toward her patient. During the treatment I feel that she is giving me her full attention and she is ready to discuss any questions I have. Through her warm personality she creates an atmosphere of relaxation and peace that has helped to ease any anxiety I’d had about the infertility treatment.
Marta, 32

I had a wonderful and very rewarding experience as one of Eileen’s fertility acupuncture patients. She has a special touch both spiritually and physically, treating you as a whole patient, continually helping you to focus on your core energy. I have recommended Eileen and her practice to my closest friends who are also challenged with fertility problems. My husband and I have a beautiful and healthy 7-month-old baby boy. We are deeply grateful to Eileen for all her assistance in this miracle, her knowledge, her support and her boundless kindness.
Cindy -44 years old

After enduring the emotional and physical anguish of more than 10 years of infertility testing and treatment, I became Eileen’s patient. It was immediately apparent that she was an amazing, skilled and compassionate clinician. I didn’t have any hope of conceiving, but I knew that she could make me feel better about myself and my situation with her wonderful and warm sense of humor and her expertise. Of course, miracles do happen and I credit her and thank her with all of my heart for my 2 healthy and beautiful babies. I saw her throughout both uneventful (blissful) pregnancies and only wish I could repeat those experiences again. I can never thank her enough.
M.W., age 46

A friend was seeing Eileen for acupuncture treatment for an illness. She recommended that I see Eileen for acupuncture fertility treatments as Eileen has had tremendous results with many couples. My husband and I had tried unsuccessfully for two years to have a child. We went for all the traditional medical tests only to be told that the results were inconclusive and the doctors could not find any specific issue.

Once I started the treatments with Eileen I felt like a new person – both mentally and physically. What I found the most unique and special about the acupuncture treatments with Eileen was that she really listened to me. The information she asked about my medical history, family, relationship, was so comprehensive – it was unbelievable to me that none of the doctors had ever asked. The treatment was then tailored to my entire being – to have all of the body systems working in harmony.

The sessions were truly enjoyable – very relaxing – I always looked forward to each session. The acupuncture itself was painless and there were also treatments I could do at home – which helped so much with my mental state -to feel like I was doing something for a situation in which I had previously felt so powerless.

Over the course of the treatments I developed a great relationship with Eileen For the first time in the two years of coping with infertility I felt like I had a partner, a confident and a friend to help me through it. Ours is a success story. Two months after starting treatment with Eileen I was pregnant. I continued treatments with Eileen throughout my pregnancy -they really helped with morning sickness and some swelling I had later on. My husband and I are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy. I will be forever grateful to the care and treatment I received from Eileen and Root & Branch.
Kristin D., 35

After several years of trying to get pregnant, including working with a fertility clinic. I scheduled an appointment with Eileen based on the recommendation of a friend. I felt the positive impact of my weekly treatments immediately. I felt more relaxed, energetic and healthy. After about a year of ongoing treatment with Eileen and a fertility clinic, I delivered a healthy baby girl.

I found Eileen to be incredibly knowledgeable, particularly about the ways in which acupuncture can help increase fertility. I also found her practice to be very well run; Eileen always met appointments on time, was always pleasant and always optimistic. Eileen is clearly an experienced and dedicated practitioner who has established a much needed therapeutic niche that many women would find offers outstanding results.
M.O. 42

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