Testimonials of Prenatal care

Prenatal Care

Acupuncture has been shown to be extremely effective in the treatment of pregnancy related symptoms including:

Morning Sickness
Emotional Changes
Hip Pain
Back Pain
Excessive Amniotic Fluid (“untreatable” according to western medicine)
Minor Leg Swelling

Acupuncture is safe during pregnancy, and can be very soothing to both mother and baby. Although there are contraindications, all licensed acupuncturists are fully trained in the use of appropriate points for pregnancy, and which points to avoid.

At Root & Branch, we are extremely cautious with conditions which may not be appropriate for us to treat, and are well educated in pregnancy related conditions which require medical attention. Although many Chinese Herbs are totally safe to take during pregnancy, we do not advocate their use unless you are completely comfortable with this choice. We are here to support your pregnancy and your choices and will not recommend any therapy with which you are not comfortable.

Mind Body Program for Healthy Pregnancy & Birth

This special pregnancy program is an essential addition to your prenatal toolkit for a healthy pregnancy and fearless delivery.  Reducing stress throughout your entire pregnancy should be as high on your priority list as taking your vitamins and eating well.  This program gives you 15 minutes per day for yourself to use proven mind-body techniques to reduce stress, and best balance and prepare your body timed to the changes occurring during each of the trimesters.

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