The Treatment of Fertility with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

In the past few years, acupuncture has gotten a great deal of attention for its ability to enhance the potential for a successful pregnancy in conjunction with western fertility treatments. However, it is also extremely helpful in assisting in the fertility process when couples are trying to get pregnant naturally. It is always preferable to have the opportunity to work with women or couples prior to them seeking western fertility treatments, as we are often able to identify and help people resolve the obstacles to pregnancy. Often, couples seek medical help and find that all of the screening tests are normal and that their fertility is unexplained. This is where Chinese Medicine really shines. When obstacles are not quantifiable by western medical standards, we don’t consider them to be organic problems, but rather energetic problems. There may a history of difficult or painful periods, irregular, scanty or heavy periods, or a long history of birth control pill use, and other signs of things not flowing smoothly in the system. It is in correcting these things through treatment, dietary changes, exercise and possibly some home treatments that we frequently find women are able to get pregnant without much trouble.


Listen to Eileen talk about how we address infertility with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

We understand that many couples are in a position where they feel a sense of urgency to proceed with fertility treatments due to a variety of factors. We are very well educated as to the fertility protocols, and have our own protocols that work beautifully in conjunction with the western treatments. We have found that acupuncture has the ability to decrease the side effects of the treatments and to increase the potential for a successful and healthy pregnancy when going through fertility treatments.

The stress that is associated with an inability to get pregnant is overwhelming, and has been compared to that of someone with a life threatening illness. Many women experience anxiety, stress, sleep disturbance, emotional ups and downs, depression, and despair about their situations. Acupuncture treatments can dramatically reduce the intensity of these experiences.

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Our Approach to Fertility Treatment:

It is our goal that you are able to achieve a healthy successful pregnancy in as few cycles as possible. Though this time frame will vary depending upon your unique situation, we will make every effort to identify and educate you as to what the obstacles are from the perspective of Chinese medicine, and to work with you to make adjustments to correct for them.

Our initial evaluation involves filling out a detailed health and medical and fertility history form. We will then meet for a 90 minute visit during which we will discuss your history in depth, and look to identify where the energetic system might be blocked, or weak and discuss an approach to correcting the imbalances that we find. This may include changes in your diet, supplement intake, exercise routine, sleep and stress patterns, and acupuncture treatment protocol. If you are not currently undergoing fertility treatments, we may suggest the addition of Chinese herbal medicine to expedite the process, but we don’t recommend this for women who are cycling with medications as we are unable to predict if there will be any interactions between the two.

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Who Gets Treated?

In my many years of doing fertility work, it has been my experience that regardless of the explanation for infertility, it is largely women who seek treatment. In the past couple of years, we have suggested that women bring their husbands in for a full evaluation as well, and have found that often they will benefit from treatment, and that pregnancy occurs more quickly with these couples. There are occasions when an evaluation of the male partner does not yield recommendation for treatment, but it is worth having the entire situation carefully explored.

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We are available for complementary phone consultations should you have questions about acupuncture for your fertility treatment, but will be unable to give you specific information as to your protocol until we have done a full medical evaluation.

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