Testimonials for Emotional/Stress disorders

Emotional Disorders & Stress Related Disease

The mind has a powerful effect on one’s sense of well-being. In Chinese medicine, there is no separation between the emotions an individual has, and the effects those emotions have on one’s health. This relates to not just emotional health, but PHYSICAL health as well. Chinese medicine has seen the correlation’s of certain types of emotions and documented these relationships for centuries.
In modern science they are just starting to understand the relationship between emotions and health. For example, there have been studies showing the positive benefit to the immune system when one is happy and enjoying the company of friends. Science has “discovered” chemicals such as endorphins, for example which are released when one exercises. This “discovery” of these chemicals is just the tip of the iceberg. Chinese medicine has gone as far as categorizing each emotion, and which organ system it relates to. Therefore if a person has excessive amounts of a certain negative emotion (i.e. worry, fear, anger, grief, etc.) we as practitioners of Chinese medicine can evaluate and determine which organs will be negatively affected by these emotions.
Emotions can be severe and intense or low grade and chronic, and the effect on the body will be proportional to the amount of negative thought. The beautiful thing about this medicine is our ability to strengthen areas of weakness and unblock areas of stagnation so as to re-teach the body how to function properly again.
One of the other areas that we at Root & Branch specialize in is our ability to discern what types of new perspectives or teachings will benefit the person most in changing their mindset and perspective on their life situation. This can be invaluable in the healing process in helping one attain peace of mind and optimal health.