Tips for Staying Healthy In The Fall!

by Rachel Gorman, Lic.Ac.

Traditionally the time to start boosting the immune system is ~3 months before winter (i.e. BEFORE you get sick!), so right now in early fall is a great time to start prepping your body.

In Chinese medicine, each season is associated with 1 of the 5 elements, as well as with a yin/yang pair of the 12 organ systems. The element for Fall is Metal, associated with ...

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A Recipe to Die For!

When we went dairy and sugar free in our house, the thing we most missed was yogurt.  We searched and searched for one that we would feel good about eating, but there is little to nothing on the market that isn’t loaded with unnecessary sugar.  So, I looked for a recipe for coconut milk yogurt.  It was a starting point, and Geoff has perfected it over the last several ...

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Strengthen Your Digestive Fire & Heal Your Metabolism!

There is a big gap in the understanding of the digestive process if you’re only looking at the Western medical model of how digestion works.  There is a concept called DIGESTIVE FIRE, or as we say in Chinese Medicine “Spleen Qi“.  As you will see in this video below, the Spleen’s Qi (or “energy”) is an important factor in many aspects of healthy functioning person.

Understanding the benefits of nurturing your digestive fire can have a profound impact on your health and your family’s health, and it can last for a lifetime!  Many of our patients come in wondering why, no matter what they do, they can’t seem to lose weight like they used to.  When we start to examine their diet and their current symptoms, we find that the diets that have “worked” in the past to lose weight, may have also contributed to the slow decline of their digestive fire.  Most people are doing what they think is the right thing, but it may not be what is right for them and their constitution.

Essential Oil Corner

Essential Oils are a wonderful way to support weight loss.  Diffusing Grapefruit essential oil helps to boost metabolism and control cravings.  You can also put a drop or two in your first glass of water in the morning, or a couple of drops on the bottom of your feet. Cinnamon essential oil triggers glucose tolerance factor to balance blood sugar!  Put one drop into a smoothie, coffee or tea and enjoy!

**Be sure that your oils are labeled for internal use if you choose to ingest them.

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4 Most Important Taoist Ways To Stay HEALTHY

According to traditional Taoist philosophy, which is the origin of all Chinese medicine, there are 8 branches of the comprehensive Taoist healing tree. Interestingly enough, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are actually on the bottom positions of that list. Meaning that, according to the ancient Taoists who created this healing system, those two modalities are the LEAST powerful as far as maintaining one’s overall health and well-being.  ...

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Natural Remedies for Allergies

Spring has sprung and for the Americans suffering from allergies it has been one of the worst ever.

If you prefer to treat the congestion, itchy and burning eyes, coughing  and other symptoms of the  allergies with  drug free alternatives, here are 7 natural remedies:


Locally grown RAW honey is one way to keep the allergies at bay. ...

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