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Fall is a Good Time to Cleanse!

Share I am often asked why we need to cleanse.  If the body is designed to cleanse and filter out things on its own, why do we need to make a point of doing this?  Well, the body, in all of its infinite wisdom and incredible design, was not meant to be subjected to…

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Summer Yang, And the Living is Crazy!

Share For some reason, year after year, in spite of knowing better, we continue to try to cram ridiculous amounts of activities into the 10 weeks of summer.  I recognize that there are multiple reasons for this, but from a Chinese medicine standpoint, it is also…

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Spring Awakening: Acupuncture & Yoga Workshop 4/28, 6-8 pm.

Share Welcome to Spring! Are you feeling fussy and anxious, or scattered and lacking focus? Here’s some good news- according to Chinese Medicine, it’s Spring’s fault! Spring is a time of regeneration and renewal, and at its best it’s a time of…

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Shingles? Try Acupuncture & Herbs For Quick Relief!

Share By: Rachel Gorman, MAOM, Lic.Ac. Have you seen the shingles vaccine commercial? As animated nerve cells light up across the screen in what you have to assume is terrible pain, an ominous-voiced narrator says “If you’ve ever had chickenpox, the shingles virus is…

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Mindfulness Meditation Series

Share 6 Week Series, With Lisa Lopes By now, most of us have at least heard of some benefits of meditation, such as; improved memory and attention, reduced stress and anxiety, increased energy, awareness, and compassion, boosted immunity to illnesses. In fact, a…

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Helping Your Teen Manage Stress

Share By Rachel Gorman & Eileen DePaula Stress is linked to so many health concerns, and I’m sure we’ve all read plenty of articles and studies about it at this point. We are seeing more and more teens with conditions symptomatic of a chronically too-high stress…

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Guilt Free Blueberry Muffins

Share This recipe has been modified to be both delicious and diabetic friendly.  The almond flour is low carb, and the sweeteners have a zero glycemic index.  These are wonderful! Dry Ingredients: 2 Cups almond flour ½ teaspoon sea salt ½ teaspoon baking soda 1…

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AYURVEDA: A Fall Guide to Achieving Optimal Health

Share By: Lisa Lopes, Ayurvedic Consultant Fall is in full swing and the cooler weather is upon us. We will soon start to feel the effects of the colder air on our bodies. As with all living things, we are closely intertwined with nature. According to Ayurveda, an…

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Essential Oils Blends to Support the Lungs

Share Essential Oils have been used for centuries to support the immune system and to treat a variety of health related conditions.  Documented use goes back to the bible, and there are practitioners who only use the biblical oils in their practices. There are a…

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Cup Your Coughs Away: Feel Good, Breathe Easy.

Share Cup Your Coughs Away: Feel Good, Breathe Easy. By Rachel Gorman, LAc   With Michael Phelps and many other athletes proudly sporting cupping marks at this summer’s Olympic Games, cupping is more popular than ever. We have more and more patients asking about…

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