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If you are looking for a solution to a health problem & have not found it, you are looking in the right place! Our goal is for you to get well as soon as possible, remain symptom free, and be empowered to maintain and experience the joy of vibrant health!

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Tips for Staying Healthy In The Fall!

by Rachel Gorman, Lic.Ac. Traditionally the time to start boosting the immune system is ~3 months before winter (i.e. BEFORE you get sick!), so right now in early fall is a great time to start prepping your body. In Chinese medicine, each season is associated with 1...
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Reduce Your Toxic Load, Improve Your Health!

We all know that the quality of our water, the air we breathe, and the food we eat can have massive impact on our health in the short and long run.  Food additives and pesticides can wreak havoc on the body. While much attention is paid to doing everything we can to...
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A Recipe to Die For!

When we went dairy and sugar free in our house, the thing we most missed was yogurt.  We searched and searched for one that we would feel good about eating, but there is little to nothing on the market that isn’t loaded with unnecessary sugar.  So, I looked for...
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Strengthen Your Digestive Fire & Heal Your Metabolism!

There is a big gap in the understanding of the digestive process if you’re only looking at the Western medical model of how digestion works.  There is a concept called DIGESTIVE FIRE, or as we say in Chinese Medicine “Spleen Qi“.  As you will see in...
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Why Are Smoothies Healthy?

Smoothies are a great way to get in a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables, increase your fiber intake, and diversify your diet.  It is also a great way to get healthy foods into our kids, as we can easily use berries and other fruits to mask the taste of...
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Fall Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic Cleanse

Join Geoff, Eileen and Lisa for our 2nd Group Cleanse! We hope you will join us again for this successful community bonding cleanse! October  3rd through 12th, 2012 ***Early Bird Special*** Sign up Before August 27th and pay $129* for the first person, and  $80* for...
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Pesticides and preservatives have infiltrated their way into almost all the food consumed in America and can store in the body’s fat, including the brain, for years. Industrial wastes have permeated our ground water and can enter our body simply by washing our organic...
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Cold & Flu Prevention from an M.D. (Rap)

An entertaining way to learn how to reduce your chance of cold & flu infection from a Medical Doctor.  Nice job...
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4 Most Important Taoist Ways To Stay HEALTHY

According to traditional Taoist philosophy, which is the origin of all Chinese medicine, there are 8 branches of the comprehensive Taoist healing tree. Interestingly enough, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are actually on the bottom positions of that list....
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Healing Burns- Almost Instantly! with the Natural Remedy of Plant Oils

Healing Burns with Lavender Plant Pure Essential Oil We have been using Lavender True Essential Oil (TEO)for years now with AMAZING EFFECTIVENESS.  Making sure you use 100% PURE LAVENDER essential oil is VERY important! As you don’t want any other base oils...
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